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What kind of service does CA Distribution provide?

CA Distribution manages the procurement process of the products(s) that individuals or organizations want to supply thanks to its extensive network and business partners around the world.

How is Product Price Research Performed?

We determine the best offer by conducting detailed quality and price research on the products you request through our existing business partners in our extensive network around the world and offer you the right product at the most affordable price. We evaluate the product/manufacturer files and alternative offers together with you. We also ensure that the product is delivered to you either at customs or at the door. We aim to purchase the right product from the right place in the world markets where many producers are present, at high standards and at the lowest cost in a safe way.

How is the Logistics Service Provided?

After you have finalized your agreement with the manufacturer, we report to you the total pricing including product cost, shipping cost and our service fee. We determine the most suitable shipping method according to the product you want to supply and carry out this process with you. The only thing left for you is to follow the journey of the product.

Where to Start?

Simply fill out the product request form so that we can do research about the product you want to purchase. After this phase, we will instantly share the details of the entire process with you until the product is delivered. Since we carry out an interactive purchasing process, we immediately evaluate any requests you may have and complete the process with the highest efficiency.

Can The Product Be Returned?

It is possible to return the product delivered to you either due to its own defects or due to defects that may occur due to the company during the shipping process. All details regarding this issue will be included in the agreement text.

Do You Have Any Other Questions?

You can send us an quick e-mail by filling out the contact form below to allow us to answer all your questions.

Do You Have Further Questions?

Our team is waiting for you to answer your questions.

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